My name is Jaden Vargas, I am a Graphic Designer based in Los Angeles California, with a love for art and sports. Enjoy my portfolio!



As a 3-year old, I started playing baseball and instantly fell in love. One of my fondest memories growing up was my dad taking me to see the Dodgers play at Dodger Stadium during the playoffs. I remember going to about three or four games that year, but one day in particular I will always remember. I was in class and just as we were going to take our class photo, my dad came and picked me up and he surprised me by taking me out to a Dodger game. It is truly one of my happiest memories. That’s how much baseball meant to me and my family, baseball was a justifiable reason for missing school. Becoming a professional baseball player was all I dreamed about and worked toward, however in my sophomore year in high school, I tried out for my school's baseball team and I did not make it. To cope with the overwhelming loss, I began drawing and discovered online sports media and art. I was intrigued, and it wasn't until that moment, where I realized art and sports could exist in the same world.

My passions for sport and design merged when I began teaching myself Photoshop, and discovered there may be a way to pursue a sport-inspired design career. It kept me wanting to learn and to figure it out and to be good at it. I had started creating graphics inspired by my favorite sports teams and I fell in love. The idea of bringing my favorite team’s fantasies to life was very fulfilling. By the time I graduated high school I knew that graphic design was something I wanted to pursue as a career. The courses I took at College of the Canyons have opened my eyes to the beauty of graphic design as I learned to create with purpose and meaning. I have prepared myself by reading design books, taking courses in school, and simply looking around in the real world as graphic design is everywhere we go.

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At Bleacher Report, I created several sports graphics for NFL and NCAA players and teams. I had the opportunity to create jersey swaps for the 2021NFL Draft, and created jersey swaps for D1 players committing to the NCAA


At Intersect, I help develop client’s brand identities, generate social media content, redesign websites, and create awareness for their business. We provide a wide range of creative skills to help brands with  marketing, graphic design, and creative needs.


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